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Harris Mark.S-rsve60 Mark.s.Harris at motorola.com
Tue Oct 1 09:49:22 PDT 2002

> Damon Huse wrote:
> > I know that I don't know everything about brewing and such
> but what is a mazer?
> >
> > 	Phelippe
> I assumed from the context that I read it that its someone
> who makes mead.  At least that was the meaning I wanted to
> convey.  I could be mistaken.  It HAS been known to happen :^>
> Damaris

It is an wooden drinking bowl. I believe they may be primarily
an early period item. See this file in the FOOD-UTENSILS
section of the Florilegium:
mazers-msg        (10K) 12/ 3/01    Medieval drinking bowls originally of wood.

THLord Stefan li Rous
stefan at texas.net

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