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Harris Mark.S-rsve60 Mark.s.Harris at motorola.com
Fri Oct 4 12:59:22 PDT 2002

Duncan asked:
> Sorry for the bandwidth, but I need info on any local rattan
> suppliers in
> the Namron / Weisenfuerer area. You know, some place that I
> can inspect the
> quality of what I'll be getting before I shell out money.

I hope you can find a local supplier since it is better to
actually see the rattan. If however, you don't find a local
supplier, you might want to look through the reviews of various
rattan suppliers in this file in the COMBAT section of the
Florilegium. At least there are some reviews here and these
merchants should have some familiarity dealing with the SCA
and what it's members want in their rattan.

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