[Ansteorra] period linen question.

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Sun Oct 6 21:39:31 PDT 2002

The unbleached linen I've seen is a gray-taupe color, which wouldn't pass
for white, or off-white.  If a painter or illuminator depicted white
undergarments, they are most likely bleached linen (tho I wouldn't rule out
the possibility of another bast fiber like hemp, or even silk.)  The
slightly jaundiced pale beige/off-white we think of as "natural" or
"unbleached" is apparently peculiar to cotton; tho we are talking about
various shades of "drab" here.

Having never bleached any linen myself, I can't tell you how you go about
it, or how long it takes, only that if it's linen, and it's white, it's been
bleached.  If it's linen and it's off-white or "natural", then it's probably
been bleached and dyed.


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>When you see white shirts in late period documentation, are they white as
>know it (bleached) or are they more like what we refer to as "natural"
>Also, does anybody have any good linen sources these days?
>-Ritter Erasmus
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