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Well the event was a great success! We had three outstanding championship
tourneys for our chivalric, rapier and archery championships. Our new
champions are:

Chivalric: Duke Kein MacEwan
Rapier: Don Edward Mercer
Archery: Lord Louis McKinnon

We also had an A&S competition (not for the titled artisan, that's at
Candlemas), and an equestrian competition. We announced that beginning next
year, Bryn Gwlad will hold an annual Equestrian Championship competition.
Court was held in which many people received much deserved recognition (and
one guy stumbled his way into being made a Pelican), we were then served an
incredible feast which was followed by a bardic circle and a pirate party
aboard our (real) ship. On Sunday mornings we had melees on the ship and in
the castle.

It was great fun and a marvelous success! (not that I'm biased)


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So what happen at Bryn Gwlad Baronial Championship and who won?


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