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What is your definition of fealty?

bi-directional social obligation, traditionally complex and highly
codified ...

feality implies superior / inferior social structure .... my people
(some scadian, mostly "ex", and others) are bound by the older
warrior ideals of a equal-to-equal, mutual-respect based relationship

Are you in a fealty relationship and what are it's bounds?

yep, a real-world one based on those equal-equal obligations .. 25
years and going strong.  my house supports theirs and vice versa.
each is on call 24/7/365 should need arise .. final bounds would be
blood.  i would stand at their back and they to mine should situation
demand.  if need arises, the call goes out and the riders and
non-riding cynn assemble to handle whatever emergency affects one of
the group ... it less a feality thing as a tribal one and as such
much more balanced and personally satisfying (to my eye's) than any
traditional feality obligatiuon would be

What would you do if someone you are in fealty to asks you to do
something against your personal integrity?

they wouldn't because the know me well enough and would not put me in
that situation. and if they did, the answer would simply be "NO" and
honor would require they accept NO as NO.

we see not being able to say *NO* and stand by it as a supreme sign
of personal weakness
... and not accepting NO as given as a highly disonorable act

.. personal honor must always trump fealties obligations

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