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Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Oct 15 01:32:41 PDT 2002

>.. personal honor must always trump fealties obligations

answered to Loraine's questions three.  I warn you know, it is one of those
'curious' answers I seem to be renound for, thank you for the opportunity
to bring something I have been thinking about to fruition.

Here are more questions to think about and to share our different
viewpoints on.
What is your definition of fealty?
Are you in a fealty relationship and what are it's bounds?
What would you do if someone you are in fealty to asks you to do something
against your personal integrity?

As usual Loraine, you have asked a facinating set of questions.  I have
throughly enjoyed the answers of Gilli and 'wolf.  This has brought up a
topic of the SCA that I have been wrestling with recently and their answers
highlighted that struggle.

The aspect of relationship has so many different levels of interaction and
commitment.  There are those I would stand and die for, while in theory I
would most likely be tempted to give my life for any in a point of need, my
commitment to these ones is what directs my path, to a concern for them
before my own inclination.  These are few and they are my lifeblood; my
mother, my husband and my girls.  For their defense and honor, I live.  I
am a person of faith and the path I have been on puts that it is, not a
point of proof to anyone else or issue here, but personal belief so that
doesn't enter the discussion.

Relationship is something that has never been taken lightly by me and I
have looked in the three years I have been in at the what and how of how
people relate.  Community is one of the biggest passions in my life and as
a hospitaller, I appreciate the gift of the office to help people find the
community within the SCA that they are looking for.  This last weekend at
Namron, this was brought to mind again over and over.  There was a family
there who was sharing their hositality to any and all who passed by; warm
stew, a fire and conversation.  I do not know names, but they were the
essence of why I love the SCA.  I heard the term used this weekend of being
a 'fring player', in a long discourse with a dear friend; I expressed how
much this term saddens me.  We, as the SCA and Ansteorra, are the wonderful
culture of all that we are.  It seems to me that if a person feels that the
SCA is part of their (drawing woefully adaquate for a word, but identitiy
and interest lead the definition of it), then they are bringing their part
to the whole.  Without the depth and bredth of all that we are, there just

My coming to this view comes from much site walking, enlightning visits and
what so many inquiries to me as the hospitaller have shown me.  For the
person who comes to me and says they did or saw or visited something SCA
related years ago and it has stayed with them throughout the time and as
soon as life has made it where they could, they have come to join in.  Or
the ones who 'don't play politics' and are camping with their friends; they
keep the groups' camp going and supports the efforts of those who go out
and particpate in some of the other things that the event has to
offer.  The one who is so busy serving and working that by the time
'whatever it was they had wanted to do' comes along, the7y are in their bed
passed out asleep.  For the one who brews at home and only occasionally
goes to anything, but his 'spirit' is present throughtout the camp on a
Saturday night; it is impossible to say that they aren't a part of it.  It
reminds me of what Simone says so passionately about the bards of
Ansteorra, if you say you are=then you are.  This I guess is what defines
Ansteorra to me and I do love it and hope to help other's take joy in what
they love and not feel bad that they aren't doing those things that they
don't care for, but to also empower them to try the things they desire and
are hesitant to.

Hehe, as usual, I have wandered the paths and occasionally come near what
the 'purpose' of the post; as many smiled and pointed out so well, my name
does fit me well.  I have a very curious view of the world.  I have a very,
varied group of people I call friend.  I love to ask questions and the
seeing of the soul is my greatest passion in life, expecially if a person
in explaining something to me finds something anew in themselves.  I ask
questions.  I say odd things.  I tend to compliment people alot.  I just am
and have loved the concept of persona, as for once people can just point
out that this is the wa7y I am and it is often followed b7y a at leaste a
smile of amusment, if not affection.

So, that said.  I have looked at the SCA deliniation of 'family' and have
been working for a long time to figure a way to put into words a 'formal'
relationship of a person that I have come to know through the SCA, but in
life has become someone as close to me as my siblings.  Our relationship
most closely mirrors that of that with my nephew, he is the son of my
oldest sibling and we are closer in age to each other than we are to any of
our own siblings-our childhoods were shared.  It is a dear bond and the
cloest thing my girls have had to a brother.  I would like to make a public
announcement of my only official link to someone, outside of those I knew
before knowing of the SCA; my girls and my dear friend/sister Lady Bianca
Sereni who I came of age side by side.  Michael of Northkeep, who was
Squired to Sir Cyf this weekend, has become like a nephew to me.  He was by
my side when I recently had my wreck and I could think of no one beside my
husband who I would completly entrust myself and my daughter's to as to
roll of protector, I am so greatful he was there with Kitty and I.  For
those who don't know this dear man, seek out his aquainence; for he is a
man of much honor.  I will wear the mark of this bond forever, the Jeep
door so willingly branded it into my arm.

Our aquainence grew out of his request to find him people within the far
reaches of our Barony where he found himself while in college and that
beginning has become a wonderful small beginning of what I hope will one
day be a College or Shire that shines forth of all that is good and
wonderful of Ansteorra.  This group lies on the eastern side of Northkeep
near both the Calon and Meridies borders in the Cherokee hills and the
lovely town of Tahlequah, where I was born and raised.  There were 9
encamped this weekend from there and they were a wonderful example of
service, honor and the hope of all that the SCA can be and it is one of my
greatest honors in the SCA to be associated with them.

Ok, back to revisit her questions 3.  My family, truth and honor are where
my fielty lies.  Beyond that, I hope to be called the friend of many, mine
will be a beside alegience as opposed to a part of and marked as
separate.  I hope to be able to always to keep my relationships based on my
personal interactions with people and hope that no one ever feels a need to
shy away from me because of my friends, for I offer friendship to
all.  Most have found that if they have personal issues with others I call
friend, they just don't accompany me when I head to those camps.  It works
well for all.

As to your last question, no one who actually 'knows' me would ever ask
that as my personal integrity is at the core of me and to run counter to it
is a lie to myself I hope to never break and I hope no friend would ever
ask me to.  I am human and fall short of my goals, but service to truth,
honor and honesty are at the heart of my desires for my life.

As usual,

Susan the Curious
m7y computer has the 7 often coming along for the ride with m7y y's.  As 7
is my favorite number, I have stopped trying to remove it each and every
time it occurs, as it does fit my 'curious' nature.

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