[Ansteorra] Loch at RenFair

Aurore Aurore at hot.rr.com
Tue Oct 15 06:04:39 PDT 2002

Sounds like it was a hit.  Can someone give me the info for the free tickets
again.  I got an outoftowner SCAer who wants to go.  Thanks, Aurore

Greetings Ansteorra,

Loch Soilleir's weekend demo. at RenFair was a huge sucess. We had business
cards AND great pamphlets to give out.  The arena by the lake was
wonderfully large (except for the occasional wiff of 'horse perfume')! The
two demos in the compound saw between 25 and 125 people watching with
excited faces, and awe among the younger patrons. Our artisans demonstrated
their expertise and had many visitors asking questions and trying on various
types of chainmail, jewelry, trying woodworking, sewing, and midieval games.
I want to thank everyone who came out to help in whatever capacity they
exerted their energies on! Our potluck was a huge sucess and no one went to
bed hungry. The decorations looked great and the music outside to lure
people in, along with the hawkers , was fun and entertaining. We got very
good comments from the 'entertainment director' of the Fair. His only
negative was to be sure to cover lawn chairs in the compound. Easy! My
sincere thanks again to EVERYONE, too many to mention, who came to help!
Love and kisses , Giovanna

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