[Ansteorra] Question from a relative newcomer

Mercedes/Stephanie steldr at cox.net
Tue Oct 15 08:58:24 PDT 2002

I recently received the message below from one of our relatively new people.
I'm thinking that if there is one person who is having trouble with these
issues, there are bound to be more.  Just thought I would share this as kind
of a head's up (with their permission - names have been removed to protect
the potentially embarrassed.)

In service
Baroness of Northkeep

A number of events have been posted recently, but they usually only name the
barony or canton an event is being held at ... but for those of us who are
new, figuring out where that is, can be kind of tough. Also, places tend to
be described as 'such and such campsite'... but Mapquest hasn't ever heard
of the place.  I've looked at the maps on the Baronial and Kingdom site, and
sometimes they're not much more informative, or have been scanned at such
low resolution they are illegible. I feel like an idiot asking on the main
list where everything is... so I've probably missed out on some events
within reach.

Is there any way to ask that announcements of events could be more 'newbie
friendly'... ? ie with clearer indication of where the actual event takes
place? It sure would help a lot.

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