[Ansteorra] Question from a relative newcomer

Harris Mark.S-rsve60 Mark.s.Harris at motorola.com
Tue Oct 15 09:46:47 PDT 2002

> A number of events have been posted recently, but they
> usually only name the
> barony or canton an event is being held at ... but for those
> of us who are
> new, figuring out where that is, can be kind of tough. Also,
> places tend to
> be described as 'such and such campsite'... but Mapquest
> hasn't ever heard
> of the place.  I've looked at the maps on the Baronial and
> Kingdom site, and
> sometimes they're not much more informative, or have been
> scanned at such
> low resolution they are illegible. I feel like an idiot
> asking on the main
> list where everything is... so I've probably missed out on some events
> within reach.
> Is there any way to ask that announcements of events could be
> more 'newbie
> friendly'... ? ie with clearer indication of where the actual
> event takes
> place? It sure would help a lot.

This is NOT a newcomer only problem. While folks that have been in
a while may recognise some group names that the newer folks might
not, this can still be a problem. The more experienced may have a
better idea of where to go to find the info, such as the BlackStar
or kingdom website or to friends.

Also, almost all SCA folks can remember at some time hassling
with bad directions to a site or a map that left off critical

I do have this small file in the SCA-EVENT-PLANNING section in
the Florilegium:
event-maps-msg     (4K) 11/29/01    Making maps to SCA events.

If I remember correctly, in there is a link to a site with a
very good set of guidelines for what to do to create a readable,
usable set of directions to a site.

Of course, if someone wants to write an article on publicising
an event or creating a good map or site directions, I would love
to consider it for the Florilegium.

THLord Stefan li Rous
stefan at florilegium.org

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