[Ansteorra] RE: Event Locations (WAS: Question from a relati ve newcomer )

Harris Mark.S-rsve60 Mark.s.Harris at motorola.com
Tue Oct 15 11:00:42 PDT 2002

Morgan commented:
> Event websites aren't always a help, neither are Black Star
> announcements,
> if they do not have adequate directions and maps.  My own Barony is
> somewhat cartographically-challenged in this regard, some
> people learned
> unhappily when trying to get to our last event.  And it's one
> of the worst
> for saying "well, everybody KNOWS where it is!"  I got that a
> few years
> ago, when I had just moved here, when I asked "where is....?"
> and was told "well, it's at the usual site."

Argh. Or "It is the same site as last year. Just look at the map
in last year's BlackStar."

Not everyone gets the BlackStar. Not everyone keeps their old
BlackStar issues. And even those who might intentionally keep
the old BlackStar issues, or even have many still sitting around,
can always *find* that year old issue. Some of us have trouble
finding *this* month's issue. :-)

Stefan li Rous

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