[Ansteorra] RE: Event Locations (WAS: Question from a relative newcomer )

Derich Brauer brauer at ansteorra.net
Tue Oct 15 11:49:37 PDT 2002

> Morgan commented:
> > Event websites aren't always a help, neither are Black Star
> > announcements,
> > if they do not have adequate directions and maps.  My own Barony is
> > somewhat cartographically-challenged in this regard, some
> > people learned
> > unhappily when trying to get to our last event.  And it's one
> > of the worst
> > for saying "well, everybody KNOWS where it is!"  I got that a
> > few years
> > ago, when I had just moved here, when I asked "where is....?"
> > and was told "well, it's at the usual site."

Just as a suggestion,
While making directions to a new site, or the same site as last year, have
the autocrat or someone drive to the site, making note of every turn they
take, at every turn reset the odometer and mark the distance of the previous
stretch of road, thus making the directions read something like "Turn right
on Red street and drive for 5.7 miles and turn left on Blue lane". Then
return to the group and give the same directions to say 3 people in the
group that might not know where the site is and have them drive seperatly to
the site. If they can find it with out problems than bingo, you have good
directions, and if not than make some adjustments. I agree with the names of
groups being listed in with event announcements. Somewhat new myself I have
no earthly idea what cities some of these SCA groups are called. Being from
the south many events from the northern half of the kingdom are out of
reach, but others are with in driving, but i still dont know what city im
driving to. :) Just a few suggestions! Hope everyone has a safe and eventful

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