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Tue Oct 15 12:01:45 PDT 2002

L T wrote:

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> Here are more questions to think about and to share our different viewpoints on.
> What is your definition of fealty?
> Are you in a fealty relationship and what are it's bounds?
> What would you do if someone you are in fealty to asks you to do something against your personal integrity?

You have asked three very very good questions. on a topic that is near
and dear to me as I supose it is a lot of people. a topic i feel should
be talked about more especialy with newcomers and those thinking of
swearing fealty. you will find i suppose that just as many of us have
varying definitions on what Chivalry is. so the definitions on Fealty
will very, such is the nature of personal feelings.

1) For me Fealty is a very important oath of service, and the stongest
comitment one can make to another outside of the bounds of family or
marrage. When I make an Oath of Fealty I make a personal comitment to
place the wants and need of that person above my own, to honor them in
though my actions and words, to be at thier disposal as much as I am
able. To follow thier suggestins and council to the best of my ability.
and that Oath gives them permission to have some control over my actions
  and activities as so much as it does not violate my own honor or
concious. and to stand and defend them in word and deed should they be
judged unfairly by others, or accused of a deed they did not do.

In retun they uphold my honor and reputation as long as I am in the
right, I expect those I swear fealty to to councel me when I am wrong. I
recive councel that betters my life and my understanding. Some one I can
come to in good times and Bad times.

Before I sewar feality to anyone being it the Crown,a Knight,Master,
mistress or any individual I have to answer a few Questionsto myself first

	A. Can I make this persons Honor my own? This requiers Knowing a person
for honor is an internal Ideal shown in ones actions and deeds.

	 B. Can I Truely trust this person to do what is right all the time not
just when it is convent?

	C. Are they a Person of Valor, integerety and chivalry?

	 D. Can they Serve others?

	E. Can I serve them?

	F. Do I truely want to Make this comitment with all it intails?

	g. can I talk with this person openly and frankly?

If I can not answer yes to all theses Question then I will not swear
feality. for it is a bound that is stron in trust and commitment no to
be taken lightly or rashly.

2) Yes, it is as above and to be at their disposal as much as I am able
when it is asked of me.

3) this is a biggy, Normaly they would not ask. first I would talk about
it with them explaine my feelings and why. or ask them to be more clear.
it could be I have  misunderstood what they wanted done or the reason.
If I still do not agree I would tell them why. If they should ask me to
go against my integrty even after that I would ask to be relived of my
Oath.  For I belive if they truely respected me and my Oath of fealty
they would not ask me to go against my integrety, concious or honor.


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