[Ansteorra] RE: Event Locations (WAS: Question from a relative newcomer)

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 15 15:25:05 PDT 2002

While not directly a site directions pet-peave, I have a 'wish' about the
signs used to direct SCA traffic to a site.  On occation, heading into
country roads with twists and turns, there are usually an large number of
well made signs directing you to the site... thank you.  But, when trying to
winde my way back from those country roads, I've gotten lost on more than
one occation, especially when dark.

Perhaps, in addition to a front on our signs, a back would be equally as
nice... something like 'SCA Exit'  or 'SCA Egress' with the appropriately
turned reverse direction arrow.  At least till back to the main highway.
I've only seen it done once and was very happy for it.
Thanks,  Hillary

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