[Ansteorra] Questions - Fealty

J. B. b3zsgirl at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 15 06:52:41 PDT 2002

> What is your definition of fealty?

Faithfulness, and allegiance...loyalty

> Are you in a fealty relationship and what are it's bounds?

Not in the SCA...but I would be at home in Italy to keep my lands...but it
is not really viewed the same way as medieval interior Europe

> What would you do if someone you are in fealty to asks you to do something
against your personal integrity?

In the SCA...this is a game after all, and I would have to consider to have
made a poor choice in my faithfulness.  Medieval fealty is a two way
street...the fealty to me would be null by their action.  At home in
Italy...I would just ignore what they said and see if they notice...it is
the Sicilian way.
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