[Ansteorra] Guildhall of St. Catherine and St. Barbara

Alexandria Doyle dragonlair at wireweb.net
Tue Oct 15 20:34:33 PDT 2002

I send this missive this day to invite all to join in the guildhall of
St Catherine and St Barbara’s second open
house, to be held in the Barony of Bjornsborg, the 19h day of October.

This is a place for artisans to gather, to practice their craft and
teach others.  This is the place for the artisan
to present their craft to the guildmasters, to demonstrate their
knowledge and skills.

We will be holding trials for artisans who wish to join our most
illustrious guildhall.  Each artisan is asked to
briefly present to the guildmasters their art, a little about themselves
and how they came to their skills.

We will also make space available to those who wish to display and
demonstrate their skills to the populace
through out the day.  Artisans are welcome to hold impromptu classes and
lessons for the populace.

The guildhall will be set up in the main tent.  Artisans are asked to
see the guild clerk to be put on the rolls
to present to the guildmasters through out the day.  When it is time for
the artisan to present to the
guildmasters, the guildhall herald will announce to all and sundry prior
to the appointed time.  There will also
be a following announcement at the time of the presentation so that all
may witness this trial.  Presentations
should be brief, so as to not task our guildmasters, who must work on
this day of festival and fun for our
populace.  Artisans without sponsorship of a master will have the
appropriate introductions made and so
sponsored for the day so they may be given priority in the presentation

We offer to all that wish to join us, even for a few minutes, some
refreshments, a bit of music and the
opportunity to learn something new.

If you have further inquiries, please contact the guildhall stewards
Lady Alexandria at dragonlair at wireweb.net and Lord Bersi at
dseguin at directvinternet.com

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