[Ansteorra] RE: Event Locations (WAS: Question from a relati ve newcomer )

Elizabeth Crouchet ecs at io.com
Tue Oct 15 14:24:05 PDT 2002

If you have that information for the site Bryn Gwlad just used this last
weekend please send it my way and I will add it to our directions. I will save
them since we may be using that site now and again in the future.

Coordinates can help one to narrow down the location on a state map.



On 15 Oct 2002 at 11:29, Rod Jackson wrote:

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> Greetings, All,
> I am slowly accumulating a list of "usual" locations in my GPS.  I
> would be happy to share any Latitude/logitude locations with anyone
> that such information would help. Also thought that Lord Stefan might
> like to include this list in his "gathering of flowers" (I have never
> been able to pronounce or spell the other name for it!) Your servant,
> Colin, Tempio
>  "Harris Mark.S-rsve60" <Mark.s.Harris at motorola.com> wrote:Morgan
>  commented:
> > Event websites aren't always a help, neither are Black Star
> > announcements,
> > if they do not have adequate directions and maps. My own Barony is
> > somewhat cartographically-challenged in this regard, some people
> > learned unhappily when trying to get to our last event. And it's one
> > of the worst for saying "well, everybody KNOWS where it is!" I got
> > that a few years ago, when I had just moved here, when I asked
> > "where is....?" and was told "well, it's at the usual site."
> Argh. Or "It is the same site as last year. Just look at the map
> in last year's BlackStar."
> Not everyone gets the BlackStar. Not everyone keeps their old
> BlackStar issues. And even those who might intentionally keep
> the old BlackStar issues, or even have many still sitting around, can
> always *find* that year old issue. Some of us have trouble finding
> *this* month's issue. :-)
> Stefan li Rous
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