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Timothy Brace tym_nancy at excite.com
Thu Oct 17 14:20:03 PDT 2002

Erasmus asked:
>does anyone know if double boilers are period ?

Sure! Theophilus (ca. 1100) mentions one in a recipe for varnish:

Set up four stones which can withstand fire without spalling, and place a
raw pot upon them.  In the pot put some of the aforementioned resin, fornis,
which is called glassa in Roman.  Over the mouth of this pot place a smaller
one with a little hole in the bottom.  Smear some paste around it so that no
air can escape between the two pots.  Then build a fire carefully beneath it
until the resin melts.  You should also have a thin iron rod fitted into a
handle, with which you can stir the resin and feel when it becomes
completely liquid.  You should also have a third pot on the fire close by,
with hot linseed oil in it.  When the resin is thoroughly liquid so that,
when you take out the iron rod, a sort of thread is trailed behind it, pour
the hot oil into it, stir with the rod, and cook them together without
letting them boil.  Occasionally take out the rod and smear a little on a
piece of wood or stone to test its consistency.  Take care that there are
two parts of oil and a third part of resin by weight.  When you have cooked
it carefully to your satisfaction, take it off the fire, uncover it, and let
it cool.


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