[Ansteorra] RE: Event location information Example (WAS: Volunteers for security at fall court )

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Wed Oct 16 12:45:12 PDT 2002

A perfect example of the topics of our recent conversation, from this
morning's Ansteorra List Digest (#773) - Message #2:

>From: "Patricia Gibson" <>
>To: ansteorra-announce at ansteorra.org, steppes at ansteorra.org
>Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 20:35:09 -0500
>Subject: [Ansteorra] Volunteers for security at fall court
>Reply-To: ansteorra at ansteorra.org
>This is a call for volunteers at fall court...any and all who
>are willing to do security please notify Lord Padraig burke.
>His email is snarfster at attbi.com
>Thank you

1)  No group name to identify WHOSE "fall court."
2)  No date of when the event occurs.
3)  No signature, so we don't know who posted this to the list.
4)  There is no "fall court" listed on the Kingdom's online calendar.

Were all of the above corrected, people might have an idea of whether this
is something with which they can help.  Date and location certainly would
assist  If the event is not in Ansteorra, or not an official event, should
requests such as this be posted to the Kingdom list, or left to the local
lists and meetings?

Or have I just opened a different can of worms?

                                  ---= Morgan

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