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I would like to add to Conner's list by thanking Lady Shaunna(sp?) who did
a fabulous job at both heralding the field and helping me run my very
first chivalric list.  She taught me alot and I will be forever in her

Thank You,
Lady Wrenne Blackthorne

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> Hello,
> I¹m sorry this note is coming out a little late, I¹m still wrapping up
> all
> the little loose ends from the event.
> Bryn Gwlad Baronial Championship took a staff of 23 to put on and they
> performed outstandingly.  This event would not have been nearly as
> successful without their help, ideas, and constant energy.
> Thanks to the following people who made this event work so smoothly:
> Gate:  Lord Andre
> Heralds:  Lord Johan
> Rapier lists: Lord Avery and Lady Robin
> Chivalric lists:  Lord Jehan and Lady Wrenn
> Archery lists:  Lord Charles
> Youth Archery scoring:  Lady Dior
> Transition Coordinator:  Lady Wrenne
> Friday Night Eastern Bardic and Event Steward Keeper:  Lady Saar-rah
> (Shula)
> Bardic Circle:  HE Pendaran
> A&S:  Master Jovian
> Ship Party:  Lord Calaban
> Site Clean-Up:  Lord Gregory
> Merchants:  Lady Pegasus
> Sunday Melees:  Duke Kein and HE Dore
> Webmistress:  HE Claire
> Happy Hour:  HL Damaris and Lady Saar-rah and all the others who
> participated.  I¹m really sorry I didn¹t make it over.
> Special thanks to the following people:
> Lord Sigerith d¹Aiencort, my outstanding head cook.  By far and away
> that
> was one of the best feasts I have ever had.  If you liked the feast at
> BG
> Baronial, be sure to eat the feast at Candlemas, as I understand that
> Lord
> Sigerith is the head cook for that too.  Get your feast reservations in
> early!
> Lord Marion and Lady Tabitha, who were in charge of site-set up and
> ambience.  They did an outstanding job and made themselves available for
> whatever I needed, over and over.
> Lady Bridget for a great job running the equestrian aspects of the
> event.  I
> told her I wanted to feature equestrian activities at this event, and
> she
> ran with it.  Or rode with it.
> Lord Jehan d¹Aigle who kept me sane, far more then he knows.  Jehan¹s
> experience and graceful attitude greatly helped me get throughout the
> event.
> Lady Alina, for running the water-bearers.  Excellent job!  Thanks for
> taking this job and making it so successful.
> Emeline de Neville, who volunteered to run the kitchen clean-up and also
> wrangled the serving for the feast at the last minute.  Emeline
> contributed
> to the event in many various ways and I was honored to have her on my
> staff.
> Lady Robin Anderson of Ross, my wife.  Thanks for not killing me during
> the
> last 6 months.  I promise to never again steward an event and be in a
> Baron¹s Men play at the same time.  Love ya.
> I want to give Word Fame to three people:
> Aaron, Jeffrey, and Kelly:  whenever I needed something they were there
> to
> help, over and over and over.  This was their first event.
> Finally, two other Thank Yous:
> Isaboe, who ran important last-minute errands for me on Saturday
> morning.
> Og, who stepped up and took care of trash disposal from the event site.
> For all those who I have missed in giving thanks, please know that you
> are
> in my heart.  The event ran well because of all the people who
> volunteered
> on-site and at the last minute.
> Take care,
> Conor Drummond
> Event Steward
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