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morgancain at earthlink.net morgancain at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 17 10:54:44 PDT 2002

Me, um...<counts quickly> ..... six?

>>> I currently plan on attending, but one never
>>> knows between now and then.  :)

Well, yeah.  <G>

>>> I will probably have to fly out there due to lack
>>> of vacation time and figure out how to get gear there...

Vivaine, I usually fly, but I have a small kit (no canvas-and-wood-pole
pavilion).  They have a decent food court, so you don't need to take food,
and there are groceries nearby for staples.  The key thing is to take
camping gear for cold weather; the nights get chilly out there, and a
couple years ago, we did have frost on the tents in the morning.

                              ---= Morgan

"Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires,
a touch that never hurts" ---= Charles Dickens

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