[Ansteorra] Kingdom Court of Inquiry at Bjornsborg Baronial?

maaggie3 at attbi.com maaggie3 at attbi.com
Thu Oct 17 15:46:37 PDT 2002

The Inquiry will be held on Sunday morning, although I'm
not sure of the exact time.  At Mistress Mirrim's
request, and the Crown's pleasure, the Inquiry will be
open to members of the populace who wish to attend.
Mistress Mirrim will be attending the event on Saturday,
and I'm sure she could give you more detailed


Countess Margaret ny Connor
Barony of the Steppes
Kingdom of Ansteorra

> > Does anyone know the day and time of the Kingdom Court
> > of Inquiry being held on Mistress Mirrim of Bristol at
> > the Bjornsborg Baronial event this weekend? I can't
> > seem to find it referenced anywhere.
> >
> > Meghan

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