[Ansteorra] Quest

Donna Carlton ravensworth49 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 23 15:22:51 PDT 2002

>Hmmm Gunthar, are you going to be fighting for Aten????? They already had
>outnumbered by 300 last year, how about evening up the odds. You can bring
>your chili spoon & fight with us

Much as I would love to fight with the forces of Ansteorra again, I think my
oath to my new kingdom kind of frowns on that. In addition, the folks who
be Crown at Estrella happen to be a couple of my best friends out here. They
frown a bit as well.

Last Estrella I fought one last battle as an Ansteorran knight and then
walked across
the battlefield and swore fealty to Atenveldt. I then proceeded to do my
best to
whup up on them furriners.

I guess the best option would be to ally with Atenveldt.
See? I'm ever the diplomat.


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