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To All of The Baron's Men,

Please let me, in return, thank all of you for your magnificent gift to us
this past Saturday night.  I can't tell you how sorry I feel for those who
had to miss this event - I can't imagine a more perfect setting than we had
this weekend.  A lovely evening after a rain-threatened day.  An open
amphitheater.  An audience dressed in their finest, eagerly anticipating
each line of dialogue and happily participating in the action.  Players and
musicians who knew their parts to perfection and played them with such heart
and soul that they transported all of us as I have not been transported in
our game for years now!  Oh, those magnificent voices pouring down off the

I'll echo the sentiments of another who has posted on this list.  Your
production compares well with the semi-professional productions I have seen
at Dallas' Shakespeare in the Park (of which I am a patron) for the past
several years.  What you produced on no budget at all was amazing.  Oh my -
what your troupe could do with their budget - it would put them to shame!

Please, please, please present it again!!  Pretty please?


Countess and Lady of the Rose
Barony of the Steppes
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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I wish to offer profound thanks to our audience which attended the Baron's
Men's premiere of William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" presented
at Bjornsborg's Heroes event this past weekend.  The troupe had a wonderful
time performing for such a spectacular audience....an audience much larger
than we ever expected  This play is very much a highlight of our experience
within the SCA and we are, even now, making arrangements to present it
again in the near future.

I would like to ask those that attended and who were able to take pictures
or video to contact me privately at hemphill at shield.com as we would very
much like to arrange to be able to see what we looked like!

Thank you again to all that helped make this moment in Ansteorran history
such a "roaring" success!

Eule von Haginbald
mka Steve Hemphill

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