[Ansteorra] Festival of Five Pillars

Rod Jackson culn97 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 23 11:46:23 PDT 2002

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Sorry, Your Excellency, but none are officially planned.  However, if you bring a sword, I am sure there will be someone around to cross it.
 gtaylor <gtaylor at lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu> wrote:Is there going to be rapier there?


Rod Jackson wrote:

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>Greetings, All,
>This is an open invitation (and shameless event plug) to everyone to attend the Festival of the Five Pillars, hosted by the Shire of Tempio from 25 to 27 October, 2002.
>This Heavy Tournament format will test both your all around skills, and your stamina! The tourney will start with four tourneys running concurrently. (Massively snipped)

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