[Ansteorra] Tournament of Heroes - Feast Thanks

Suzanne Booth suzannebooth at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 23 07:16:09 PDT 2002


The feast for Bjornsborg's Tournament of Heroes went very well due to the hard
work of many of our members.  Please join me in thanking the following people:

Beef Roast Recipe Packs:
   Angus de Botha

Beef Roast Cooks:
   Branwen de Boecestre
   Catriona MacEanruig
   Godwin Alfricson
   Gorm the Healthy Individual
   Lisetta de Renard
   Marisela bot Yitzak

Apple Pie Recipe Packs:
   Angus de Botha
   Michelle de la Ferté

Apple Pie Cooks:
   Angus de Botha
   Ashlin Chrystal
   Barbara Leavitt
   Bersi Omstunga
   Branwen de Boecestre
   Emrys Shaunnon
   Giovanni di Cellini
   Godawintha Gonza
   Marisela bot Yitzak
   Michelle de la Ferté
   Servita Zola

Sweet Potato Cooks:
   Catriona MacEanruig
   Mama Renna
   Michelle de la Ferté

Boiled Eggs (for Spinach Salad):
   Rolf the Dane

Oven Wranglers (day of Feast):
   Ivar Runamagi
   Rognvaldr Tilbuinn

Kitchen Help (day of Feast):
   Angus de Botha
   HE Anne Harper of Eland
   Barbara Leavitt
   Branwen de Boecestre
   Godawintha Gonza
   Mari ferch Rathyen
   Marisela bat Yitzak
   Michelle de la Ferté
   ** Also the wonderful lady who, in addition to helping
      with the food prep, washed dishes all through the day
      and well into the night.

To any of you who I have neglected to name, please know that I thank you from
the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work and apologize for the fried
brain cells that caused me to forget your name(s).

-- Suzanne

HL Suzanne de la Ferté
Tournament of Heroes Feast Steward
Barony of Bjornsborg
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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