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Harris Mark.S-rsve60 Mark.s.Harris at motorola.com
Thu Oct 24 17:11:27 PDT 2002

Gorm the Fat asked:
> Assuming I can make it to this event, what is the possibility
> of getting
> authorized for archery?  there are many where I come from
> that need this,
> but there are not authorizing marshals here.  I would walk
> across hot coals
> the get authorized.

Do you mean authorization for Combat Archery? Or for Target
Archery? You need authorization for the first, but as far as
I know, not for the second.

Assuming you mean Combat Archery as that is the one you need
authorization for, here are a few files in the ARCHERY
section of the Florilegium that might be of interest to you
and the others in your area:
C-A-handbook-art (108K) 10/29/96    Sir Jon's Combat Archery Handbook.
CA-Hunt-Tips-art  (10K)  9/10/98    "Hunting Tips for Combat Archers" by Octavia

And a few for Target Archery:
arch-shoots-msg   (42K)  5/25/97    Different types of archery shoots.
Arrow-Matchng-art (12K)  8/ 4/02    "Precision Arrow Matching"
                                        by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, R.C.A., R.C.Y.
T-Arch-Child-art  (10K)  9/ 9/98    "Teaching Archery to Children"
                                       by Master Magnus Malleus

THLord Stefan li Rous
stefan at florilegium.org

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