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Were do you live?  What are you hoping to be authorized for?

Your Regional Marshal is responsible for making all new Marshals in the
region either target or combat.  Your regional marshal is the person you
will be reporting to and they will need to establish ground rules with you.
If you are known to the regional marshals then you might be able to be
authorized at the event. You will need to show a good knowledge of the rules
and be observed while you intern and actually work as a marshal inspecting
equipment, and running a range.   If you are unknown to the regional
marshals and there is not a LOT of archery going on at the event then there
simply might not be enough time for you to intern and be observed to finish
an authorization.

If you are looking for a Combat Archery participants authorization your
Regional Marshal can also help you find a Combat Archery Authorizing
Marshal.  Before you can become authorized for combat archery participation
you much first get basic armored or rapier combat authorization.  After that
you will need to show you are proficient and safe with your combat archery
equipment, that you can help inspect equipment and that you know the combat
archery rules.  If there is time for all of this to take place, and a Combat
Archery Authorizing Marshal available you might be able to get it done.


Lord Eadric Anstapa
Kingdom Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
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> Assuming I can make it to this event, what is the possibility of getting
> authorized for archery?  there are many where I come from that need this,
> but there are not authorizing marshals here.  I would walk across hot
> the get authorized.
> Gorm the Fat
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