[Ansteorra] Hunter's moon

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Gee whiz, don't know.  Always thought you had to be authorized in the type
of fighting going on at the time.


Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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> I just reread that part of the handbook about Combat Archery and could not
> find the part about being first authorized in "basic" armored or rapier
> combat. When did that rule go into effect?
> plachoya
> humble archer
> Ravens Fort Ansteorra
> >
> Before you can become authorized for combat archery participation
> >you much first get basic armored or rapier combat authorization.  After
> >that
> >you will need to show you are proficient and safe with your combat
> >equipment, that you can help inspect equipment and that you know the
> >archery rules.  If there is time for all of this to take place, and a
> >Combat
> >Archery Authorizing Marshal available you might be able to get it done.
> >
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