[Ansteorra] Vinting Question

Susan Wieland damaris1 at ev1.net
Sat Oct 26 05:07:22 PDT 2002

Synrik wrote:
> Vinting Question
> I have a large batch of wine coming up for next year and I'm just trying to
> get my ducks in a row.
> Does anyone have any hints or tips  for those that are fermenting and bulk
> aging in 55 gallon barrels?

Wow!  I know who I'm going to sit with at feast. :^>
> I've read the professional web sights and some of the magazines, and
> something like this falls somewhere in between the normal amateur and the
> corporate wine labs.
> Just looking for advice.

Are you using wooden barrels?  How many 55 gallon barrels do you have?
If you have more than 4 then you are past the limit allowed by law.  One
is allowed to brew up to 200 gallons of beer/wine/ale/mead without
having to do whatever it is you have to do to become a commercial
winery/brewery/meadery.  Pug has researched the issue and has the
specific info.

The first problem I see is how are you going to rack it?  If it is up
high enough already for gravity to do the job then there is no problem.
If not then you are going to need some sort of food grade pump.  I don't
know where you are located but the brewing supply store that I always
use in Austin has such a pump available for rent.

I've never dealt with any batches larger than 5 gallons.  This is, of
course, because I don't have a pump or the equipment to make large
quantities.  Also, I'm getting older and it is increasingly more
difficult to lift the full 5 gallon carboys up onto the counter for
siphoning in order to rack, bottle, etc.

I hope this has helped some.  If you have any specific questions feel
free to contact me direct.  I would also suggest that you subscribe to
the Ansteorran-BVC list.  Most all of the Ansteorran brewers are on this
list and some of them might have some advice for your situation as well.

Brew well!!

Damaris of Greenhill

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