[Ansteorra] Vinting Question

Synrik synrik at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 27 11:16:45 PST 2002

Over all, it's the little hints and tips I was looking for.

For the legalities of the whole thing, going straight to the ATF web site is best.


And in fact there is a lot of good information there, not just legal mumbo-jumbo.  Just go straight to the FAQs.  The actual regulations
are interesting as well, but rather dry (unless sitting next to Heilein and a home-brew).

Racking would be with a good pump with either a filter in place or in the by-pass mode.


As for the hose thing (holding it in your mouth or someone else's), I always thought bottling time should be shared as much as possible .
. . . . though other thoughts do intrude at this point.

One of these days I need to make my own barrels.  But till then, I was going to use food grade plastic drums and pails.  I'll be doing a
red, which requires mastication. Then aging with oak chips.  Or if I get brave, I'll char some planks on the Bar-BQ.

So from what I gather, it would be nice to have the lab that the commercial places use, but luckily enough, it's not required by law.
Other that that, try not to break your back, and have fun, eh?

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