[Ansteorra] barrels

Sluggy slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Sun Oct 27 21:25:18 PST 2002

"Harris Mark.S-rsve60" wrote:

> > One of these days I need to make my own barrels.

> That's what I thought, too.

> Then I bought a book on coopering (making barrels) and found out
> it is not as easy as you might at first think, especially for
> barrels meant to hold liquids.

On this subject, I did a little looking some time ago. In my searches, I
found a couple of sources for barrels specifically for the vinter and
distiller. Here is the price list page for one such supplier:


In short, American Oak barrels for wine or whiskey run $117-250 in
quantities 1 to 19. French Oak is $455-530!



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