[Ansteorra] equestrian activities

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There is an Ansteorran Equestrian e-mail list on Yahoo groups call
Ansteorra-Equestrian.  There is also a strong equestrian community down in
Stargate, and I believe Bryn Gwlad also has one forming/formed that HL
Damaris of Greenhill could probably give you more information on. Sir Alexis
is the the Kingdom Equestrian Marshal and would probably be the
best/greatest source of information for you.

Welcome back to the saddle.


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> any kingdom (or other) online sites / lists / groups out there
> dedicated to equestrian activities ???? .... life just threw me a
> wonderful unexpected curve and looks like i now have access to horses
> again with a large rural space easy driving from the primary house
> (austin) ... looks like time to reclaim my tack from the parentals
> and start riding again
> 'wolf
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