[Ansteorra] equestrian activities

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Mon Oct 28 05:16:11 PST 2002

Greetiongs All:

There is a yahoogroup set up for Ansteorran equestrians.  The list is very
straight forward, mainly covering things like upcoming events and
questions regarding the regulations and equipment.   Just go to
Yahoogroups and look for Ansteorra-Equestrian.  In addition there is an
SCA wide equestrian list at:
sca-equine at midrealm.org

Some of the other kingdoms also have lists, but I don't keep up with them.

With regards,


p.s. There will be equestrian activities at Crown this weekend, at Three
Kings the following weekend and King's Lancer to be held at Bordermarch
the weekend following after that.

jay yeates wrote:

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> any kingdom (or other) online sites / lists / groups out there
> dedicated to equestrian activities ???? .... life just threw me a
> wonderful unexpected curve and looks like i now have access to horses
> again with a large rural space easy driving from the primary house
> (austin) ... looks like time to reclaim my tack from the parentals
> and start riding again
> 'wolf
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