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* ... There is an Ansteorran Equestrian e-mail list on Yahoo groups
call Ansteorra-Equestrian.  There is also a strong equestrian
community down in Stargate, and I believe Bryn Gwlad also has one
forming/formed that HL Damaris of Greenhill could probably give you
more information on. Sir Alexis is the the Kingdom Equestrian Marshal
and would probably be the best/greatest source of information for

thanks for the info, exactly what i was looking for ...

grew up (until i left dallas for university) riding western and
moving cattle and horses around my dad's place ... since university
years have been almost exclusively urban - save for the ongoing love
of motorcycles (note the basic connection).

one reason i shifted away from higher levels of activity in scadia, i
was origionall in it for the combat "way back when" and since my cynn
drifted away and the combat started morphing (too much reliance on
rules, too littel on training and common sense ... for one), i
started doing less and less inside the game and more & more outside
with the origional friend & cynn base (though still have most of my

the rise in "equestrian" things perked my interest, but previously
was not practical to pursue (life was too urban-centric) ... perhaps
having access to space & animals will nurture some of my odder areas
of interest to manifest (asiatic horse archery for example ...
there's a dojo that teaches it in new mexico i'ld love to attend)

on a more immediate level, was pondering tack issues this round ...
anyone have a good suggestion for sources of non-western saddles
(prefer australian or american cavalry styles ...)???? ... luckily,
since they have a lot more space at the "family holding" in dallas,
my da's kept up the core of my old gear - a couple of generic western
saddles and a mexican show saddle & rein set i got for my 16th b'day
(black tooled leather, tons of silver plate decoration - sterling &
not "mexican" silver ...) - guess it's time to reclaim them.


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