[Ansteorra] Brewing Question

Harris Mark.S-rsve60 Mark.s.Harris at motorola.com
Mon Oct 28 09:15:28 PST 2002

Caladin asked:
> I've been thinking about digging out the old dusty brewing
> supplies and
> trying my hand at a batch or two of mead. I did a batch of
> beer once, and
> never touched it again... ( It was fine, nothing stellar, but
> drinkable )
> So "how too"'s are useful too...
> Anyone know any good sites, etc that are worth perusing?
> Especially some with good recipes etc...I remember
> white pepper mead being especially tasty

You might try these files in the BEVERAGES section of the
brewing-msg       (60K)  7/25/00    General brewing info and sources.

Mead-Mkng-Tps-art  (9K)  9/10/02    "Mead Making Tips" by Byron Whited.
(I just noticed this file isn't on the website yet. I will try to
get it online tonight)

mead-msg         (168K)  7/ 3/00    Making mead. Honey based alcoholic beverage.

And this one in the FOOD-SWEET section:
honey-msg          (9K)  2/26/02    Period use of honey. Honey sources.

Oops. I just noticed you said "beer" rather than "mead". I'll leave
these links in case others might be interested, but here is one
more related to beer or ale:
beer-msg         (118K)  2/ 8/02    Making beer, period beer and ale. Hops.
hops-msg           (8K)  2/ 8/01    Use of hops in period.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at florilegium.org

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