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* ... LOL! I can just see you getting your equestrian horse to SCA
activities by motorcycle!

it's called *trailering" yanno .... (grin).  bikes are great for your
scouts, lousy for your transport - so you deligate & convoy

anyroad, i don't do trailers on the current harley (two wheels and
trailers ... just dosn't parse) ... though that new 2004 Valkyrie
(large displacement bike, water cooled inline engine ...) would
convert to a great looking trike (have seen several earlier models
done ... HOT!) that could pull a decent sized trailer of gear or a
2-person pop-up tent)

actually, new mate and i saw what we both agree is the *perfect*
hauler yesterday  - tricked out, full size, black, diesal powered,
humvee ($$$$) - though would have to make a suitable matching trailer
for it.  no matter how lousy the event site (or how wet), you can get
in and out ...

in the interim, she has heavy truck & trailers, and i have light
truck for hauling the ligher stuff (like her kubota tracter with
front end loader that's going to make my concrete demolition,
driveway excavation, and foundation work a lot more doable by self on
a more timely basis ... was faceing sledge, rental jack hammer,
shovel, pick, wheelbarrow, etc ... and a *lot* of muscle work - and
calling in past "work karma" obligations.)

... just when life gets really boring, it gets wonderfully wyrd again

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