[Ansteorra] equestrian activities

Patrick Cuccurello pat at adtelusa.com
Mon Oct 28 10:53:28 PST 2002

Check on e-bay under "arabian saddle" "arabian tack"  that is usually a
catch all for any eastern style tack.  I have also seen some imported
Mongolian saddles.  Since you mentioned Australian, you may want to look at
the Portueges saddles (hit a search engine and type portueges saddles for
links).  They look marvelous and may be just what you are looking for.  You
can also find a few US Calvary style McClellan's on e'bay by searching for
"mcclellan".   Sir Alexis made his medieval saddle (however it is more of
the western european style with the high cantle and front).  Mistress
Elizabeth in Brad Leah has made saddles and would be a person to inquire
from also.  It should be a fairly easy fix to come up with a Mongolian,
Middle Eastern, or Eastern European saddle using a McClellan tree to work up
from.  You'll probably want to change the center shot cinch to something
more forward, unless you plan on riding some barrel chested Mongol pony


> on a more immediate level, was pondering tack issues this round ...
> anyone have a good suggestion for sources of non-western saddles
> (prefer australian or american cavalry styles ...)???? ... luckily,
> since they have a lot more space at the "family holding" in dallas,
> my da's kept up the core of my old gear - a couple of generic western
> saddles and a mexican show saddle & rein set i got for my 16th b'day
> (black tooled leather, tons of silver plate decoration - sterling &
> not "mexican" silver ...) - guess it's time to reclaim them.
> 'wolf

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