[Ansteorra] The Baron's Men are on the Move!

Brian Martin bm3876 at sbc.com
Mon Oct 28 13:26:19 PST 2002

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		Greetings Good Gentles,

		Following their successful premier of William Shakespeare's
"Much Ado About Nothing" at Bjornsborg's recent Event of Heroes, The Baron's
Men are pleased to announce that they have been booked for two more
performances of this fine and mirthful play! Know then that "Much Ado About
Nothing" shall be performed this coming January at Steppes Twelfth Night,
and in March in Meridies at the upcoming Gulf War.

		Please watch this posting area, and look our broadsides at
upcoming events for more information regarding these upcoming performances.

		Yours in mirth and service,
		Pendaran Glamorgan,
		Mouthpiece for The Baron's Men

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