[Ansteorra] Crossbows :)

David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 1 08:52:56 PST 2003

Just a sales infomercial hehehe

I am geared and able to make crossbows now. Two have
been built and both fired and patterned very well.
Take advantage of my basic danish target crossbow that
comes with the following:

Tied in Steel prod to 100lbs - heavier prods to 250lbs
are availible at extra cost.
Choice of Oak, Walnut or cherry stock - other woods
are available - depending on supplier stock.
Choice of stain and finish
fletch channel
short pull trigger and sear
Roller nut release - standard
6 target bolts included


There is still time to get yours before Warlord XXX is
here, but time is drawing short. My designs are made
from the knowledge learned on the field in target
shooting. I put into the design the speed, accuracy
and dependable charaistics needed in standard and non
standard shooting matches while retaining a medieval
look and function.

I offer bow irons, custom woods and designs and i will
work with you to build a crossbow that you will be
proud of.

Take advantage of the lower costs while i gear up in
making these.

I promace you that the prices WILL go up at warlord
and match the other fine builders in the area from
that time on.

I offer a warranty on my crossbows against breaking,
(strings are not covered), so you have nothing to
lose. Email me at dmruff1 at yahoo.com with any

Thanks all,

Lord Ulrich of Carolingia
Inspiring Crossbow maker of Steppes and Elfsea

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