[Ansteorra] Hurray!

Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 6 15:58:53 PDT 2003

> My Black Star is here!  My Black Star is here!
> March that is.  :)  A full week after April arrived.  Wild.
> Morgan (Steppes)

Ditto here.  The April issue arrived before I left (early last week), and
March was in the pile waiting when I got home today.

                                    ---= Other Morgan (Steppes)

" I hate life, I hate death and everything in between just doesn't interest
                                                        ---= Chris Rapier
"Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic
 that it has to be us."            ---= Jerry Garcia, (of the Grateful Dead)
"Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived,
 stop thinking and go in."                     ---= Napoleon Bonaparte
"You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake."
                                   ---= Jeannette Rankin (1880 - 1973)

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