[Ansteorra] A&S competitions at Steppes Warlord XXX

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Mon Apr 7 13:26:52 PDT 2003

My intention with the "new field" is to encourage artisans
to try something new, so let's say within one year of
Steppes Warlord.

Also, yet another prize category has been added - best theme
related item.  With Warlord's theme of "pearls before
swine," it will be interesting to see what some of you can

By the way, the A&S Melee is for anyone who doesn't fit the
competition desciption of a novice, and you may enter more
than one item if entering the new field and theme related
categories.  Documentation is not required, but if you have
it bring it since there are both populace and judges
favorites, and we all know how much those judges like to see


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> > the best Melee entry from an experienced artisan
> displaying in a new field. >
> Julianna,
> Is there a limit on how old or how many times before the
> items entered in this competition can be?  Several things
> in my display are first attempts in given mediums.
> Ciard
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