[Ansteorra] Marshalling Assistance Needed

Fulco of Scarborough fulco at fulco.net
Tue Apr 8 19:44:12 PDT 2003

Calling all Marshals!  We need your help.

	The Incipient Canton of Rivers Run is hosting its Spring Demo this
weekend at Pioneer Park in Ponca City, beginning at eleven in the morning.
We are short a Marshal.  We are humbly requesting someone to volunteer to
assist us in this capacity.  We are also looking for any brave fighters who
wish to present on the list field, their feats of daring and combat prowess
to the people of Ponca City.
	In reiteration, if there is any Marshal willing to help, please
email us, so we can stop fretting about this grievous omission. (You may
also check our website at http://riversrun.fulco.net for more detailed
information about the event.)

(Also, on a side note, if anyone has any loaner armor you may be able to
bring.  We have a couple of new fighters who would like to suit up.)

In Service of the Dream,
Fulco of Scarborough

Fulco at fulco.net

Vincit imitationem veritas.

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