[Ansteorra] Guardian of the Gauntlet

Conner Craig conner at apple.com
Wed Apr 9 12:39:23 PDT 2003

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Posted for Don Aeron Harper -

Greetings to all!

Guardian of the Gauntlet is this Saturday!

Sign up for the Guardian of the Gauntlet list will begin at 9:00, as will
armor inspection.

Opening words (court) will be at 10:00 and directly after we will begin the

After 9:00 no cars will be allowed near the list field. I intend to have a
wagon or two with kids attached hauling things back and forth for those with
larger burdons, but at the same time I sincerely hope that all of your needs
will be taken care of by the hostesses in attendance.

There will be a youth tourney in-between rounds.

Thanks much,

Aeron Harper


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