[Ansteorra] Duct Tape and Warts

Gerita hpockets at verizon.net
Thu Apr 10 11:04:40 PDT 2003

The question of using duct tape in a medical treatment plan is interesting.
I agree with one statement that has been made:  ask your own doc before
doing this.  Most likely, the adhesive will stick to the top of the wart
and, when you remove it 5 days or so later, tear the wart off too.  This
Might work, if you put a wart-killing preparation on first.  Otherwise, you
may very well be left with a painful hole in your integument.  I've not seen
anything that says the adhesive is any more toxic than others out there,
it's just that the stuff is meant to stick Forever.  I'm sure some of us
have removed duct tape from skin and noticed this little factoid, too.  Ian,
i think the SCA would be long-gone if this stuff were truly poisonous, as
would the HVAC workers who handle it all day long.  It's the old story of
using an item designed for x-use for something else.  Caveat Emptor. . . . .


> I kid you not!  This was published in a local heathcare flyer I get.
> "Duct tape can remove warts.
> Duct tape is a fixture in most toolboxes, but researchers have found that
> also has a medical use -- remove of warts.  In a recent study, duct tape
> found to be more effective than freezing warts with liquid nitrogen, a
> common method of wart removal."
> Source: Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.
> Cheers, Hillary
> We did the over the counter meds and the duct tape. It worked
> Donnel
> Be very careful with this as the adhesive on duct tape is toxic (maybe
> that's why the warts died!).
> Maleah
>> So the info is check with doctors first.
> I think I'd use the acid to kill the roots first. That sounds painful. And
> heaven forbid if you get the adhesive in the wound. I found out that some
> brands of the better stuff contain glues that are toxic to humans. I don't
> know HOW toxic though. Elrique
>         If we haven't built up a tolerance by now, then basically the
> entire SCA is doomed, no?
> In Joyful Service,
>       Iain MacCrimmon

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