[Ansteorra] Black Douglas: Thanks for the Help

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 10 19:22:28 PDT 2003

   Thank you for those who posted in response to this;
I have looked through some of the material, and found
what I was looking for already, plus more than I knew
about it. Plus, ther eis still more to look through.
   As to the post of Costain's writings on this not
being fiction, I had myself been under the impression
that it was non-fiction. However, I misplaced my copy,
and had a friend order another copy for me. It was
labelled 'fiction' in the book's descritpion on the
net, and also at least one of the posters on the
Armour Archive forum I am a member of referred to it
as a novel and/or fiction. Perhaps my aging memory
isn't so bad! :)
   Am I the only person out there who winds up looking
for a second copy of a book you Know you have
Somewhere? :)
   Now, if only I could find that translation book on
the Crusades I have...somewhere... :)
   Thanks you all again for your assistance!


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