[Ansteorra] Festival of Japan

chiang chiang at odsy.net
Mon Apr 14 22:15:27 PDT 2003

I will chime in here to on this. I must concur with His Excellency. I had as
much fun as allowed by law.
HE Chiang, still recovering from the fun

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Subject: [Ansteorra] Festival of Japan

Good Gentles all,
Please accept my condolences all those so ill favored by fortune as to
have missed Brad Leah's Festival of Japan. Great fun was there in
quantity. Fighting, Arts and Science, and a most wondrous Feast prepared
by Countess Octavia. My congratulations to the Autocrats,
 (Lord Thorwald the Bald and Gillian de Kokerham) for a well run event.

Míchél mac Donnchaid
Baron of the Eldern Hills
Mike Gideon


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