[Ansteorra] Great news

Mark Masters celtic_chaos75 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 16 23:34:14 PDT 2003

Greettings to you one & all,

Had such great news that I felt like sharing it with every one that I can.

I had just recieved an email from Noble House Publishing United Kingdom.
They had read some of my one published poem and they are asking if they
could publish it as well over in Europe as well.  They would like to make me
an International Poet if you can believe it.  The book is supposed to be
styled after the finest 19th century antique poetry books.  The title is
"Theatre of the Mind".  225 pages long with each poem on its very own page.
The last poem published was on a page with a few other poems as well so I am
moving up in the world.  I am going to sit down & look at what poems I have
and see which ones I like & will sned it in.  If any one would like to see
some of my work that is out on the new.  They can be found at www.poetry.com
under the name Mark Masters.  Hope you all like them & wish me luck.

Love you all,

Mark Masters

Lord Morgan Lucktain
Barony of Bordermarch - Minister of Arts & Sciences

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