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Thu Apr 17 18:56:59 PDT 2003

Stupendous! Multiplicities of congratulations. We are so proud of you!


on 4/17/03 1:34 AM, Mark Masters at celtic_chaos75 at hotmail.com wrote:

> Greettings to you one & all,
> Had such great news that I felt like sharing it with every one that I can.
> I had just recieved an email from Noble House Publishing United Kingdom.
> They had read some of my one published poem and they are asking if they
> could publish it as well over in Europe as well.  They would like to make me
> an International Poet if you can believe it.  The book is supposed to be
> styled after the finest 19th century antique poetry books.  The title is
> "Theatre of the Mind".  225 pages long with each poem on its very own page.
> The last poem published was on a page with a few other poems as well so I am
> moving up in the world.  I am going to sit down & look at what poems I have
> and see which ones I like & will sned it in.  If any one would like to see
> some of my work that is out on the new.  They can be found at www.poetry.com
> under the name Mark Masters.  Hope you all like them & wish me luck.
> Love you all,
> Mark Masters
> Lord Morgan Lucktain
> Barony of Bordermarch - Minister of Arts & Sciences
> We now return to our normal broadcast that is now in session...
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