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Thu Apr 17 15:59:42 PDT 2003

Greetings to Ansteorra.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Pilgrimage to St. Adalbert’s, and I’m
mostly rested up.  I want to extend my thanks to all the gentles who braved the
wilds of Ansteorra to go on pilgrimage.

The Static arts competition was won by Lady Kateline de Lys.
The Performance arts competition was won by Lord Bersi Ormstuga.

Thanks go to all the artisans, particularly because all of the pieces were on
topic(!) and to the judges.

The captain of the winning rapier melee team was Lady Catalina Ana de Salamanca.
The captain of the winning armored melee team was Centurion Kael.

Thanks to all the fighters who came to fight and to the nuns who resurrected
them with ‘holy’ water during the last, resurrection battle.  My apologies to
the heavy fighters for not setting out a ‘hire’ chest as I had promised – bad

The winner of the Thrown Weapons competition was Leif Ollison.  Thanks to all
who participated.

I hope all those who went on the Shrine Tour enjoyed themselves.

EVENT STAFF THANKS – my apologies if I’ve left someone out:
Mari – whose original idea this was and who can write a ripping 'saint's life'
Branwen – an excellent deputy and awesome chicken bone driller, painter and
Regenwulf – who took care of a lot of stuff, before the event and behind the
scenes as well as on site.
Alisyn, aka Zool – the gatekeeper
Gate guardians - too many to mention but you know who you are.
Gabriella and her staff  (Gio, Yasuko and others) – fabulous, fabulous makers
of food
Helper, Servers, and Cleaner-uppers - too many to mention but you know who you
Alexandria – braving the allergens to set up and run the static arts competition
Bersi – performance competition
Dunno & heavy  marshalls – great fighting
Harry & rapier marshalls – great fighting
Amerinda – enthusiastic last minute arranger of youth rapier tournament
Galen, Brianna, Alisyn, Harry – donators of fine prizes
Godwyn & his heralds – yellers extraordinaire
Gorm - KAST arranger and shower fixer
Harry – da trashman
Dylan – sign-setter-outer, VBFT decorator, bringer and taker-awayer of Kayleen
Kayleen – out-of-towner who cheerfully went to work on whatever was needed,
particularly the VBFT decoration, and who left us bereft and heartbroken
Ast Thi – waterbearing
Kolskeggr – lamplighter and potty patrolman
Ashlin – lending garb from the Loaner Chest and making the site tokens with the
rude stamp, and to Rolf and Bill who helped with the latter.
Kitty – donating the material for the site tokens
Isobel – a crackerjack web mistress and relic hawker
Suzanne – pardoner of sins
Her competitors – some out-of town pardoners moved in. Luckily there’s enough
sin to go around
Angus – treasurer
Suzanne & Angus – the smoking pavilion
The Shriners – Godwyn, Amerinda, Thordis, Cynric, Debora, Coelwyn, Gio,
Branwen – fabulous job
Ashlin, Isobel and Lessa –squirrel & acorn donators
Tohin & Alisyn – decorating the chapel
Work day, Set-up and Take-down crews – too many to mention but you know who you
Emrys & Brianna –our gracious nobility
Godwyn – my long-suffering husband
Seraphina and Cynric – site owners

There were a few lost & found items.  A list will go out shortly.

relieved former event steward

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