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I would add that six or seven proposals had been submitted to the Board's
thinktank for review, with Duke Frederick's being just one of the group.  It
sounds like rather than have the Board consider elements from all the
proposals, Duke Frederick chose to take his to the Board individually and
then to the populace when the Board chose (as discussed below) to consider
all the proposals, not just his.

Not a Board wonk, but going to next week's meeting (mostly because I have
too many friends and family back there, so it's a visit),

                                            ---= Morgan the not-a-KM

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> Greetings, members of the Society:
> Following is a message from the Chairman of the SCA Board of Directors.
> Sincere regards,
> Meg Baron
> President, SCA Inc.
> ---------------------------
> At the January 2003 meeting of the Board of Directors, Frederick
> Hollander(Duke Frederick of Holland) presented the Board with a proposal
> suggesting an alternate membership and funding structure for the SCA.  At
> that meeting, the Directors decided to request feedback from the
> regarding the basic issues raised in this proposal and asked Dr.Hollander
> help prepare the announcement to be sent.
> After reading the proposed announcement and questions prepared by the
> subcommittee, the Directors discussed the matter at length, both via
> email and at our conference call meeting.  During these discussions, we
> realized that while the suggested wording and questions do cover the
> specific proposal sent to the Board, we are interested in receiving
> from the membership on a somewhat wider range of related ideas.
> we  have decided to discuss this issue further at our quarterly meeting in
> April (now less than 2 weeks away) prior to sending out the request for
> commentary.
> Certainly, the ideas covered in the specific questions already developed
> will be included in the final request for commentary which the Board
> sends out.  However, we feel there are other pertinent issues that should
> addressed at the same time, in order to make the feedback as valuable as
> possible.  When we decided, in January, to send Dr. Hollander's ideas
> out for comment, we tentatively planned to ask for comments to be due July
> 1.  We did not anticipate the amount of time our discussions
> would take, nor that so many related ideas would arise.  We apologize
> for this delay.
> We very much want to hear your opinions on all these issues, and we
> thank you for your patience as we address this matter.
> Sincerely,
> Linda Moore
> Chairman, SCA Inc.
> Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
> SCA Inc.
> Box 360789
> Milpitas,  CA 95036
> You may also email comments at sca.org .

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